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Book Review: True Blue





Mason “Mace” Perry is a cop in the Washington D.C Police Department. Arrested for a crime she did not commit, she is incarcerated for two years. Now free from the bars of the jail, she is desperate to be reinstated in the police force. After her release Mace stays with her sister, who also is cop. Not just any cop, Elizabeth is the chief of Washington DC Police department.

The next morning after her release, Beth is called on in a murder investigation. Mace tags along. For mace there are only two ways to get what she wants – either prove her innocence or solve a big case. The creeps who framed her were very careful, and the evidence against them was none. So she was rooting for the second option.

Enter Roy Kingman. A lawyer at Shilling and Murdoch is the one who finds the body. He came in for work early, went to the office kitchen to get coffee, opens the fridge and instead the body of Diane Tolliver, a partner at Shilling and Murdoch pops out.

Beth’s investigations go ahead along with Mace trying to solve it herself. A kind of alliance forms between Mace and Roy as they probe into the case. Many surprising events and another dead just adds to the mystery. A vindictive U.S attorney will try at all costs to stop Mace from succeeding.

What I thought

 Likeable characters. I loved Mace Perry. She is strong and intelligent. Roy Kingman is more like her sidekick. There are some parts which do seem a little off but do not stop you from reading. I tend towards books with strong female protagonist so I loved it. The plot is easy to follow.  The narration doesn’t get boring. Overall I would totally recommend it. If you get your hands on this one do read it!

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Early Morning Drive

WP_20150718_07_30_03_Pro - CopyThere is something so peaceful about going on a long early morning drive. You can see the newspaper persons still sorting their papers. Small street vendors opened up. They serve the morning tea and pohe. Morning walkers, runners, even people doing yoga can be seen in the gardens. It is so beautiful. The whole city is sleeping but there is this quite hustle, almost whispers going on.

I don’t live in a big metropolitan city, but still it has its own rhythm. Maybe people from such big cities will find it too quaint. Monotonous too. But I love it. And today’s morning drive just made me love it even more.

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No one really knows what it feels like to be lonely until they are. And Lucy felt really lonely that night. It was middle of December, the cold was terrific. It was the holiday season. She lay in her bed with no one to talk to. That night she realized what it feels to be really lonely.