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Work Pickens’ life seem great from far but as you look closer you find flaws. He is a lawyer, is married for ten years, has house and is the son of a rich lawyer Ezra Pickens. However, he hates his profession, his marriage is loveless, estranged from his sister and his father has disappeared.

Then Ezra’s body is found.

Ezra is missing since the day his wife died. No one saw him or heard from him. Now, a year later he is dead. Moreover Work and his sister Jean know a lot more about their mother’s death then they let on. Being the benefactor of Ezra’s vast fortune, Work becomes the prime suspect. A clever police detective is will stop at nothing to see Work behind the bars.

Ugly rumors circulate his small town. As much as Work’s life was overshadowed by his domineering father, Jean’s life was nearly destroyed by him. Desperate for the redemption that has eluded him for so many years and stripped of everything he once valued, he fights to save his sister and clear his name–in this poignant and thrilling anatomy of a murder and its ripple effect within a family and a community.


I genuinely liked the book. It is full of unexpected twists and turns. It is in Work’s narrative. You can see his dilemma about his father’s death. I could feel the emotional turmoil that he goes through. Hart has beautifully displayed human relations. Small words and sentences give an insight in Work’s relationships. The mystery that surrounds Ezra’s death is maintained till the very end. I especially liked how many sub themes were also parts of the novel. Misogyny, greed, self discovery some such themes. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.