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Early Morning Drive

WP_20150718_07_30_03_Pro - CopyThere is something so peaceful about going on a long early morning drive. You can see the newspaper persons still sorting their papers. Small street vendors opened up. They serve the morning tea and pohe. Morning walkers, runners, even people doing yoga can be seen in the gardens. It is so beautiful. The whole city is sleeping but there is this quite hustle, almost whispers going on.

I don’t live in a big metropolitan city, but still it has its own rhythm. Maybe people from such big cities will find it too quaint. Monotonous too. But I love it. And today’s morning drive just made me love it even more.



I'm a 20-year-old law student who loves writing, reading and drawing.

6 thoughts on “Early Morning Drive

  1. Well the most amazing thing about mornings are -you see things falling in place,newspaper being sorted,some vendors opening their shop,rickshaw pullers leaving to pick school kids etc.
    You see a different part of life at that time.


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